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Whats Included

The kit contains 14x WAV files which are looping correctly and a PDF instruction document. Import these audio files into your sequencer and arrange according to the instructions, or make up your own arrangement. Suggestions are also included for adding automation and tips on where to start with the mix.  

If you are struggling to get a certain sound for a genre, then a construction kit can be a great place to start. Here we are using pre-rendered audio sections, there are no synthesizers to program or notes to write. Simply arrange the audio parts and start mixing down your first acid techno track!

The files included are compatible with any sequencer or DAW, including Logic, Cubase, Live, Reaper, Studio One, ProTools etc.  

Pages From The Included Instructions:

An example of how this construction kit can sound after mixing can be found in the release "VNEK". You may find a clip on this page (see above) and on Beatport as well as most streaming services. In other words, these are the original stems of a commercial track which are now available to you.

  • 24-bit WAV Audio

    Studio grade recording. Use in any sequencer of your choosing. Mac and Windows compatible.

  • Instructions Included

    Easy to follow build instructions help you create the arrangement. No experience necessary.

  • Build Your Own

    The construction kit audio is licensed for use in your own compositions


  • Does This Download Include All The Software I Need?

    We do not build or distribute any Digital Audio Workstation software. You will need to source your own DAW. There are many to choose from so it is up to you to find one which suits your working methods. The files included in this construction kit are compatible with practically any DAW on the market, such as Logic, Cubase, Reaper, Live and so on. If you are just starting out, then there may be trial versions of various DAWs you can install. For example, Reaper has a 60 day trial (

  • What Plugins Do I Need To Use This Kit?

    There are only basic effects plugins required in order to get an acceptable mix from the supplied stems. These will be available in almost all DAWs as bundled effects, such as EQs. Other effects such as a high-pass or low-pass filter if unavailable, can be improvised using an EQ plugin. In other words, if you have just a bare-bones DAW installed with no third-party plugins, you will still be able to mix the stems in this kit.

  • What If I Really Like The Result And Want To Release It As A Track?

    By purchasing the construction kit, you are granted a license to use the stems in your own tracks. You may therefore mix and remix the included audio as you like and release the result as a commercial track. You are however not allowed to re-distribute the stems individually or included them in sample libraries or other products.

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