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    Clear and concise descriptions with real-life examples from professionals will show you how to work efficiently and get results fast.

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    We concentrate on improving your skills and abilities. Not trying to impress you with knowledge.

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    Our training does not require you to own or use any particular software or hardware. Learn concepts which are universal.

Mike McLoone

Instructor Bio:

M.Sc. in Music Technology from the University of Limerick 2003 / Giving 1-to-1 tuition in Berlin since 2006 / Over 45 Tracks Released To Date / Senior positions at Native Instruments, ADAM Audio & Studer in audio hardware development / Label Manager at Spirit Space Recordings

Mike McLoone

Senior Instructor

1-to-1 Tuition

All of our Courses are 1-to-1 personal tuition sessions, to get you interactive help with your productions. Choose one of the existing topics in our Courses area or let us know if there is something else we can help you with. For example, if you would like hints and tips on how you can make one of your current productions better, we can work with you and provide professional feedback on writing, mixing or mastering technique. 

Tuition is currently only available through video-chat. However this offers some useful technologies, such as the ability to share our screen with you and show examples directly. 

There is no better way to learn than having direct feedback on your own productions. If you are still getting to grips with music production and not at the point where you are producing completed tracks, then we will be happy to help you get there. The "Build your own.." series of construction kits are a fantastic way to get your first track out the door. You can find these in the Courses area.

Apprentices Wanted!

Learn from industry veterans

  • Our training consists of practical real-world examples and interactive elements, which will sharpen your listening and decision making abilities.

  • This is fundamental to making progress and being able to see results in your own work.

  • Our role is to help you find and develop the skills and abilities you're going to need on this path, and get you prepared for the challenges ahead.

Persistence Is Key

On a mission?

Electronic music production can be one of the most rewarding and challenging pursuits there is. If you are serious about your craft, investing in the right training could save years of trial and error. We have learned the hard way and are honoured to be able to pass along the knowledge and skills to those who are interested.

We Feature In:

Our engineering skills have been used to record, mix and master in a range of styles

Stay Connected

“I worked with Mike at Native Instruments and got to know him as a very dedicated musician, producer and hardware engineer, who always liked to contribute and share his experience and knowledge. I am very happy for him that he is now realizing his dream of becoming an electronic music production educator and wish him and his Studio Wizards every success and good luck.”

Professor of Audio and interactive Media Technologies, Filmuniversität Babelsberg

Angela Brennecke

“I have known Mike since college and was always impressed by his focus and tenacity, then as now, his ability to deconstruct and then reconstruct is astounding. He lives and breathes this stuff, creative, logical, intuitive and driven, what more can I say.”

San Francisco Electronic Music Pioneer

Gabriel Logue

Your Vision

From concept to finished product, get the support you need

Your creative vision is worth pursuing. Whether you want to release a track on streaming platforms, get a vinyl or CD pressed or want to have something worthwhile to send to labels, we are able to advise at each step of the way.

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